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If printing, packaging, or converting is your business, the eMag by Printers' Marketplace is a great resources for you. Printers' Marketplace eMag is a culmination of the industry's most influential manufacturers, authors and hosts all under one free monthly cover.

We invite you to subscribe to this valuable resource to keep in touch with the greatest industry in the world............our world of printing, packaging and converting. 




To Advertise

As an advertiser, eMag is your opportunity to enter the world of email marketing at a great value. Bundling multiple advertisements and articles into one email blast allows us to keep our costs low and pass that value on to the advertiser.

Unlike a printed publication, eMag is interactive. Website addresses, email addresses, video links and supporting material can all be accessed using links on the eMag page. The user experience is dynamic and engaging and we find that browsers most always view the entire magazine, making page position less important.

As with a printed piece, eMag has shelf life. Editions stay live for a period of 3 years and can be accessed easily through links on your website or other web communication. The interactive menu also allows viewers to print or save copies of your message as they wish.

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